Energy Management

Don’t Waste Money Operating an Empty Office

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the corporate world drastically. Instead of operating an office full of employees, you likely have an empty building that’s gathering dust. Operating that building at full capacity is a waste of money without employees to fill the space. Create an energy-efficient plan for your location with help from Pure Energy Consultants.

Our commercial energy management company is based in Tyler, TX, helping business owners find ways to save money and energy during these unprecedented times. The more money you save on daily operations, the higher your return on investment will be.

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Save money wherever you can

Creating an energy-efficient plan is the best way to save money on location operations during this time. While you may not be able to skip your rent payments, you can save money by incorporating some of the following technologies:

  • Timers. By attaching your lights and electronics to timers, you can schedule shut-off times during non-work hours.
  • Sensors. Light sensors are a great way to avoid overuse. When an employee arrives on-site, the lights will sense their presence and turn on. If there’s no movement, the lights will turn off to save you money.
  • LEDs. This type of lighting is far more efficient than traditional lighting, saving you money while you keep the lights on.

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