Pure Energy Consultants is dedicated to finding the most affordable energy rates for you, so you don’t have to. Energy…Pure and Simple.

Shana Hancock, the Energy Lady, used to work for one of those big energy companies and was tired of the customer not being treated like they were the ones who really mattered. Customers were being treated like they only had one choice, when in reality, they had multiple choices, they just didn’t know about any of the others. One day, Shana decided enough was enough, and Pure Energy Consultants was born. She has been shopping for energy ever since.

The process is simple. Call Pure Energy Consultants, let them shop for you! It’s a personal shopper for all your energy needs! The best part, it’s FREE. Yep, doesn’t cost you a thing.

How does an extra $120,000 added to your budget sound? Shana was able to save over $10,000 per month for one manufacturer. That’s Energy…Pure and Simple.

At Pure Energy Consultants, you are family as your call is answered. As the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, owner Shana, wants to lead by example, and show her girls how people should be treated. Pure and Simple.